[time-nuts] AM Broadcast stations as a frequency reference...

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Thu Oct 13 23:51:49 EDT 2011

Paul wrote:

>Curious if anyone knows of central or eastern US stations that would 
>be gps locked.

I believe the following are:

710     WOR     New York
810     WGY     Schenectady*
860     CJBC    Toronto*
880     WCBS    New York
960     WELI    New Haven
1000    WMVP    Chicago*
1030    WBZ     Boston
1060    KYW     Philadelphia*
1140    WRVA    Richmond*
1180    WHAM    Rochester

Note that the synthesizer used to generate the carrier from the GPS 
source may not have a resolution of exactly 1.000000 Hz, so some of 
the GPS-locked stations are off nominal by one or two tenths of a 
Hz.  The stations with asterisks above are examples.  Also, note that 
atmospheric effects phase-modulate the skywave path, so expect as 
much as +/- 0.5 Hz wander (usually less) on DX carriers at 
night.  Finally, the stations will not always be running with GPS 
discipline (during maintenance, failures, etc.).

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