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I do sort of remember Cambridge Thermionics.  I came across their 
name back in the late 60's or early 70's when I first got in the 
frequency measurement "business".  I think I also remember seeing 
their name as a parts supplier in some WW-2 military radio manuals.


>From: "Lester Veenstra" <lester at veenstras.com>
>     I wonder if you happen to remember a company called Cambridge
>Thermionics.  Located in Cambridge MA, they made ceramic slug tuned coil s
>but in one corner was an individual with the off air frequency measuring
>service.  As a duty engineer up the read at WCOP in Lexington, I frequently
>would get calls from him to tick a dummy plug in the modulator input patch
>(turning the board gain down was too much residual noise), so he could
>measure us, and more often, to remove the carrier for a few seconds so you
>could measure some one co-channel. He never wanted to talk about how it did
>it, and absolute would not accept visitors who might learn his dark trade
>      I had assumed that these days a GPSDO would remove the need for the
>monthly "freq service" but I guess not.
>I stood my last midwatch at COP and reported to the Boston Army station for
>induction into the USN the next morning.
>73   Les

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