[time-nuts] Thunderbolt error?

Rix Seacord eseacord at verizon.net
Mon Oct 17 01:13:04 EDT 2011

When I had the temp set at a higher gain and the offset to center the 
trace, it would basically flat line then suddenly be all over the place.
Are the chips available anyplace? I do have a bit of experience of 
Thanks again.

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On 10/16/2011 7:43 PM, WarrenS wrote:
> Rix
> Nothing looks wrong in that snap Shot
> Your osc (which is the main cause of the out of range error) is 
> working fine and under control and has near zero volts on it's EFC.
> Take a look at the screen when you key  "& ",  that has the screen 
> with the Max and min DAC setting info on it.
> Should be +5 and -5 (set with "& N -5 Cr" and "& x 5 Cr")
> Also can use "F A" command to turn on the Altitude filter
> If it misses up again, use the "\" key to get an automatic screen shot 
> save without it first updating.
> If "bonkers" is about 1 deg, maybe you have the low resolution Temp 
> sensor chip (It has about 1/2 deg C resolution).
> That does not really matter or effect anything important unless you 
> are doing temperature control with LH.
> If the temp never changes, then likely the DS?? surface mount 8 pin 
> temp sensor chip is broken and should be replace
> Do note the way you have the temp plot set up (Zero offset and low 
> gain) you will only be able to see large changes on the plot.
> Have fun
> ws
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> Warren
> I may have jumped the gun on this. I cycled the power a few times and it
> appears to work.
> Note the temperature never seems to change. It sometimes goes bonkers
> then settles down again.
> Attached is the screen shot
> Thanks much
> Rix
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> On 10/16/2011 3:47 PM, WarrenS wrote:
>> Rix
>> If you are using  LadyHeather,  Post or send me a screen shot using
>> "W S Cr"
>> Maybe just that the min or max Dac values are not set to - +  5V, or
>> something else easily fixed.
>> ws
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