[time-nuts] Cable delay correction for Tbolt Cs substitude

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Mon Oct 17 21:12:04 EDT 2011

On 10/17/2011 02:28 AM, Mark Sims wrote:
> Yes,  at one time there was some very precision surveying antennas that were temperature controlled.   I'm not sure if they were just controlling just the preamp or the whole antenna,  but I got the impression that they were controlling the temperature everything inside the "radome" package.
> At one time I did some TDR measurements on a piece of coax (I think it was 100 feet of black RG59).   The day/night prop time variation was under a nanosecond.   Something tells me that the cable delay changes itself won't make any difference.
> -----------------------------
> Does anyone ever add a temperature controller on the antenna? Maybe that
> should be my next test.

I know that SP in Borås have actually temperature-controlled also their 
cable. Not only the pillar and radome.


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