[time-nuts] Russian GPSDO

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 14:32:04 EDT 2011

Are there specs for any of the Russian GPSDO's
With phase resolution around 1000 times better than a Tbolt, they should be 
capable of some impressive performance.



I see that Meinberg have just announced a GPS/Glonass LanTime unit. It can
work either one or the other source or a combined mode. Would like to get my
hands on one.

Rob Kimberley
Behalf Of Said Jackson

We are looking to offer Glonass enabled versions of our Jackson Labs Tech
GPSDOs (Firefly-II series) by Q1 next year.

If sufficient interest exists.



On Oct 17, 2011, at 8:53, "WarrenS"  wrote:
> So where do I get a cheap, used Russian GPSDO?
> I have not seen any on EBay
> Can I trade them my Tbolt?  :)
> per:
> http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/ptti/1998/Vol%2030_18.pdf
> "Although not as well known as the GPS, the Russian global satellite
> navigation system GLONASS possesses comparable capabilities for
> navigation, precise geodetic positioning, and time-transfer applications
> one-site measurements are used to show that single-channel GLONASS
> precise code, combined with temperature-controlled antennas, reduces
> the noise experienced by time receiving equipment of a few picoseconds
> for 1e-15 frequency accuracy in one day, and unlike GPS P-code, it is
> available to civilian users ..."
> ws 

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