[time-nuts] Sneaky Errors

David VanHorn D.VanHorn at elec-solutions.com
Thu Oct 20 11:23:01 EDT 2011

This is the famous "man who has two watches does not know what time it is"

Yup, I agree..  If I could count on the Tbolt output going dead if there's a problem, that would be wonderful, but my worst fear is that it would keep on going but be wrong enough to matter.
We are calibrating other equipment against the TB output to 1ppm so the TB would have to be pretty far off before it would matter, but I could see it happening.
With the two TBs running I can tell that "One of us is crazy", but I don't see an easy way for production people to know WHICH is crazy.

Out of curiosity, what would be the consequences of a steadily increasing
phase error? Would it offend your sense of perfection or would it have real

If the frequency error is <<1PPM then I don't so much care.  Beyond that it would be materially affecting our calibration.
My needs are simple, and the Tbolt's precision is the sort of "kill a fly with a sledgehammer" solution that I like. 

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