[time-nuts] Interpreting the ADEV plot in TimeLab

Paul A. Cianciolo paulc at snet.net
Fri Oct 21 18:36:05 EDT 2011


I use  TimeLab and the HP5370B and a Prologix GPIB interface.
After making several 10 Hr runs with the same oscillator I noticed something

When laying the successive runs on top of each other there are little blips
and bumps that line up perfectly on top of each other.
For example each run has a small blip at 10 seconds in, and a rise from 50
seconds to 150 seconds

This was happening when I was using the NI PCM-CIA interface as well.

If time is the X axis and variation of frequency is the y axis , how can
something repeatedly  happen at   2 points in time.
I am sampling at  1 S per sec and 10 Hours duration in these particular

Can I have some sort of cabling issue?  Or is there something in ADEV
algorithm that forces this to happen.?

Thank you

Paul A. Cianciolo
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