[time-nuts] HP10811-60111 oven failure + repair

Achim Vollhardt avollhar at physik.uzh.ch
Sat Oct 22 02:38:42 EDT 2011

Fellow Time-Nuts,
first of all thank you for all the feedback and advice.. especially 
about the mistake of putting in a current protection rather than a 
temperature protection. I mislead myself into using a polyfuse as these 
work thermally as well :( That said, 'Shera' locked immediately again 
yesterday evening so the basic functionality is restored.

Oh well, I know now how to open the can and my local component supplier 
has some 105degC-ish thermo switches on stock which even look very 
similar to the one installed.. to be done next week :) Photos will be 
updated afterwards. Some folks even advised to bridge the fuse, but I 
believe that this very fuse does have its justification. At the end of 
the day it's only another hour or so of work.


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