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Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
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> Hi Attila,

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> attila at kinali.ch writes:
> > That's  also my impression. It was only after i had a longer
> > discussion with one of  the user support guys about the exact
> > specs of the 6T that they measured  and provided a document
> > with more than just "we have 12ns jitter". Though  the document
> > is still not what i expect, it's infinitely better than  before.

> please share the document with us.

Oh, it's easy to find in the appnotes section on the ublox homepage:


BTW: if someone who has a better understanding of timing issues could
provide a list on how to improve that appnote, i'd be happy to contact
ublox and work with them to get us more and better information.

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