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On 21-Oct-11 at 13:18 Dennis Ferguson wrote:

>On 21 Oct, 2011, at 11:53 , k4cle at aol.com wrote:

>> Bruce, the most common cause of a GPS receiver getting the date
>incorrect is due to cross-correlation.  And cross-correlation is usually
>the result of too much gain in the GPS antenna's LNA.


	I would be more likely to believe this if the setup had not been working
just fine for the last four years. ;-)

	No, based on what I've read, I'm definitely inclined to believe it's a
1024-week rollover thing.

	(more snippage)

>Some of the heuristics I've heard of are these (or maybe combinations of
>- Assume the date must be more recent than when the firmware was
>  By itself this leaves the device with a 1024 week rollover problem,
>  the 1024 weeks are counted from the date the firmware was compiled
>  than from the GPS epoch.

	(still more...)

	This idea fascinates me, as it is, potentially, the easiest to correct
AND the unit itself is vintage mid-90's. This would also explain why the
thing stayed working for a while after the last 1024-week roll.

	I think I'll pull out the firmware, see if I can find the compile date
in a dump of the EPROM, change said date, and put the whole thing back
together. At worst, I'll end up with the same situation I have now. At
best, it'll fix it.

	No matter what, I'll post the results. Dennis, thanks much! I hadn't
even considered that line of thinking.

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