[time-nuts] Neutrino timing

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Tue Oct 25 15:00:39 EDT 2011


On 10/25/2011 07:50 PM, Javier Herrero wrote:
> El 25/10/2011 18:39, Magnus Danielson escribió:
>> The traditional formula would not make a speed difference due to the
>> sign of the mass, but imaginary mass would. That would be a bit of
>> extrapolation out of a single formula. Then again, so much of the
>> quantum world is a mix of read and imaginary numbers, so why not an
>> odd mass case. That would however change a lot, but it would indeed
>> keep the theoretical physics occupied quite a bit. That's the
>> definition of the experimental physics work-description... find out
>> things for the theorists to figure out... :)
> And an imaginary mass would imply and imaginary energy (in the sense of
> complex number with no real part... :) ) and that would imply also that
> lower energy neutrinos (in module value) would be faster. Sounds fun :)

Exactly, remember where you heard it first ;)

Once the imaginary axis is introduced, you can also expect complex 
numbers for mass. But really, it is not the explanation I would expect 
to turn out true.

So, we have at least two neutrino-machines to verify the time on. But 
really, I would not expect that we would provide evidence which the 
world of physics would accept, but possibly provide a report giving 
sufficient insight on how these things works. Mostly because it would be 
a good opportunity to explain it to fellow time-nuts.


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