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     It's also a relatively simple mod to rearrange things in the 59309A  to accept the 1 pps input from a GPSDO.  I no longer have my unit for the exact reference, but it simply involved lifting one side of a capacitor and connecting it to the external DC BNC on the back.  Feed in the 1 pps, set the clock, and you're good.


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Hi Don,
Can You share with me and the group on making the 10 MHz input adapital.
Thank You
Best regards,
Sal C. Cornacchia
Electronic RF Microwave Engineer (Ret.)

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in addition, they are? readily adaptible to 10 MHz input using the
external power bnc and a cmos decimal counter chip.

J. Forster
> A look at the manual implies that it can be switch set for 365 or 366
> days.
> A nice unit, but I've already got one.
> Best,
> -John
> ==========-
>> Hello Everyone,
>> Currently only for the Time-Nuts, I have an HP59309A HP-IB Digital
>> Clock
>> for sale. This one has Option H04, otherwise known as Option 001,
>> which
>> offers a Julian Calendar (0-366 day-of-year indication) instead of the
>> regular Month/Day.
>> The unit is functional, clean and in quite good shape, with the
>> expected
>> light scratches and blemishes on the top/bottom/sides typical of a
>> used
>> unit. The front is pretty clean. Price is $90 + shipping. Please
>> contact
>> me directly.
>> Thanks,
>> Bert, VE2ZAZ
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