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> Hi, I have just been rather surprised to find Seattle co-ordinates
> appearing in my Lady Heather window.
> I, of course, eventually found that the latest version of John's
> program is installed with a link to his TBolt.
> My problem is how do you apply the /# command to look at particular
> serial port# without having to open a DOS window
> and write DOS commands? How do you set up shortcut icons on the
> screen to activate a chosen implementation
> of LH?
> I seem to be able to manipulate the COM# numbers so that the USB to
> Com converters find the right TBolt.
> It is probably something very obvious that I am missing,
> cheers,
> Neville Michie

Right-click on your shortcut icon and edit the Target line to contain
whatever options you want to associate with that shortcut.   

Oddly enough, I seem to have commented out the property dialog example on
http://www.ke5fx.com/heather/readme.htm for some reason...  it's back now,
just below the main screenshot (click to enlarge).

-- john

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