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Chris indeed 60 khz is fun but I have experienced its limitations on the
east coast way to many times. Technically speaking it sucks. ;-) Is that
technical? From a spoiled loran C user. Ahh for the old days.

But that said my experience at the higher frequencies does differ from
yours and thats why I suggested it over driving references back and forth
by car. Really looking for a common view for the 2 sites. The AM band at
these distances would be very good but I just have no idea either for TV or
AM how much a broadcaster might cooperate. Especially messing with the
bread and butter. Thank heavens not my challenge.

Though what started this thread is the neutrino thing. You have to imagine
anyone who is playing that game can afford to do some clever stuff like
renting space on a tower...
Maybe a bit O dark fiber... Maybe even a few CS references to boot. Can I
have the leftovers please?


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> > Perhaps take advantage of one of the numerous AM radio stations in the
> midwest that happen to be about half way between?
> Lets way we could build a 5,000 foot tower, nearly a mile high.   Such
> a tower would have a direct line of sight out to only about 90 miles.
> Yes it could transmit to greater distance but that is because the
> radio wave bends, either ground waves or by refraction in the
> atmosphere.  Either way the path length is not predictable.  And worse
> there is likely some multi path too.
> That is one of my projects, I'm slowly building tools to receive WWVB
> (60KHz) and compare to "true" time.   The goal is to learn something
> about the atmosphere from how the propagation delay changes.  But I
> already know the delay changes and is "noisy"
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