[time-nuts] C-Max Receiver Experiment

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Sun Oct 30 19:00:02 EDT 2011


A while back, I did some crude experiments with the C-Max CME6005 IC which is, I believe, used in that evaluation module. If memory serves, there were some rather severe restrictions documented in either the datasheet or an application note regarding the loading on the TCO/TCON pins. As I recall, it recommended a very minimal load (much less than what an LED might draw) and to not use the TCO and TCON outputs simultaneously. They claimed violating these recommendations would interfere with the receiver's operation, although I find it hard to believe. I'm certainly not suggesting this explains your results, only that you might want to look into it. 


On Oct 30, 2011, at 16:09, Justin Pinnix <justin at fuzzythinking.com> wrote:

> Nuts,
> I recently picked up a C-Max evaluation kit from SparkFun to see if this
> $10 board could be used as a precision timing source.  The short answer is
> no.  The long answer is available at:
> http://www.fuzzythinking.com/?page_id=29 .
> It was a fun experiment and a great excuse to play with test equipment :-)
> Thanks,
> -JP
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