[time-nuts] Buzzing 5061B

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Sep 4 03:18:10 EDT 2011

> It is NOT the UPS. Same problem when the 5061B is connected directly to the AC Mains.


Next thing to try is remove one of the internal 24V battery wires
of the 5061B (I assume you have NiCad battery option). The
sound may be coming from the 5061B deep/float charger.

But first try is the Cs-OFF switch. I've had 5061 that make a
buzz when the ion pump is over-current. Don't worry; the sound
is the relay which interrupts the current. Check the ion current
on the meter too. The frequency of the buzz gets lower and lower
(or the period between clicks gets longer and longer). After a
few hours or a day, it finally goes away.


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