[time-nuts] Motorola RLN-4394A GPS antenna

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Sun Sep 4 19:54:16 EDT 2011

Dave wrote:

Use "-text" in your search to exclude results with "text" on the 
page.  For example, "-ebay" will exclude all ebay listings (and any 
other page that mentions ebay).  I use this one a lot.  If your 
problem seller is eBay user "time47743", then using "-time47743" will 
exclude any pages with that eBay ID (including complaints in 
newsgroup archives about eBay user time47743, and any pages that use 
that string for another purpose).

I strongly encourage folks to use the tools on the Google "advanced 
search" page -- you can save yourself a lot of grief wading through 
hundreds of thousands of hits for the few you want.

Best regards,


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