[time-nuts] Comparison of two clocks

Ilja Gerhardt ilja at cryptix.de
Wed Sep 7 23:36:09 EDT 2011

Hi time nuts -

I am new to the list and have a trivial question on the comparison of
two clocks: In principle it might be very easy to simply monitor the
relative phase-shift of two sine outputs of two clocks, e.g. of two
10MHz outputs.

For this, it would be ideal to have a very high frequency, such as a
phase-locked 1GHz signal. Does anyone have a reference to a circuitry,
which implements a phase-locked up-converted signal?

But, I guess there are better ways to compare two clocks - I recall a
setup where two clocks are referenced to a third, similar frequency
signal (which might even have phase-noise and such) on two mixers. Then
the two outcomes are compared. Does anyone have a good reference/ paper
to a comparison of clock-comparison possibilities?

Best Regards from the PST


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