[time-nuts] "Foolproof" cleanup PLL design for FRS-C Rb module

Yuri Ostry yuri at ostry.ru
Thu Sep 8 22:07:58 EDT 2011


Recently, I looked for some birthday gift for a friend of mine (a guy
who is interested in SHF and weak-signal comms). Ocassionally I found
my extra FRS-C with connector and decided that it is good gift idea.
It was my mistake. ;)

Since then he constantly asking quite advanced questions about PLL
design, that I cannot answer without digging in some books. ;) I think now
that some other gift, like bottle of good brandy or vodka would save me
a lot of time. ;)

So, maybe someone can share some "foolproof" cleanup PLL design that
will work with most VCOCXOs with minimal modification to clean up Rb
module output? ;)

 Yuri                          mailto:yuri at ostry.ru

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