[time-nuts] From Sundials to Atomic Clocks

Ken , VK7KRJ vk7krj at users.tasmanet.com.au
Fri Sep 9 02:58:42 EDT 2011

Many thanks Randall, that downloaded first go. I guess nist must be blocking some ip's for 
whatever reason.

And thanks to everyone else who replied also, your suggestions were appreciated.

On 2011-09-09 08:32, Randall Prentice wrote:
> Have uploaded a copy in NZ.
> http://prento.homelinux.net/1796.pdf
> Couldn't download off TelstraClear,  had to use Actrix links  (DNS didn't resolve properly).
> Regards
> Randall   ZL2RJP
Cheers, Ken
vk7krj at users.tasmanet.com.au

'It seems hard to sneak a look at God's cards. But that He plays dice and uses
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