[time-nuts] Sine to LVDS

ehydra ehydra at arcor.de
Sat Sep 10 18:02:36 EDT 2011

Thanks Magnus!

I have no access to IEEE papers.

I read Bruce' pages already.

- Henry

Magnus Danielson schrieb:
> Oh, do read the Oliver Collins "The Design of Low Jitter Hard Limiters"
> IEEE transactions on Communications, Vol 44 No 5, May 1996 pp 601-608
> Toss in this paper:
> http://www.unusualresearch.com/AppNotes/TimeNuts/OptDualMixer.pdf
> Bruce has been studying this a bit more than me:
> http://www.ko4bb.com/~bruce/ZeroCrossingDetectors.html
> Bruce has taken the basic analysis from Collins and adapated it to a 
> more reasonable situation where you change op-amps from 
> low-noise/low-bandwidth op-amps to somewhat higher noise but much higher 
> bandwidth op-amps.


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