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On 11/09/11 00:51, Jim Lux wrote:
> On 9/10/11 3:20 PM, Tijd Dingen wrote:
>> Same here. Does anyone know of an alternative source for that paper by
>> Oliver Collins? I was trying to make sense of Bruce's generalization
>> of the hard limiter, but found that to be a bit tricky without
>> original paper...
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>> Thanks Magnus!
>> I have no access to IEEE papers.
> It's a fairly recent paper (1996, I think), so odds are that Collins has
> an email address in that paper (I don't have it in front of me, or I'd
> check) that you could send an email to and ask.

His (then valid) email is not in the article.

> If Collins is at an educational institution, they often have server
> space to put the pubs of their staff online. IEEE allows an author to
> put their own papers up on their own servers.
> Ideally, of course, it was done with government funding, which often
> comes with the "public work not subject to copyright" restriction. (note
> that just because the gov't funded it doesn't guarantee no copyright,
> it's just more likely)

It would be good if his article could be put up there in the public.

> ( a bit of searching.. Oliver Collins was at Notre Dame, in Indiana..
> ocollins at nd.edu...
> However:
> Oliver M. Collins, Notre Dame Prof, Accused Of Using Grant Money For
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/27/oliver-m-collins-notre-da_n_697429.html
> http://articles.southbendtribune.com/2011-05-13/news/29542577_1_tenured-professor-fraud-claim-professor-of-electrical-engineering

A bit of a scandal there.

> So it might be a bit tough to get a hold of Professor Collins at Notre
> Dame these days. They seem to have purged everything online pertaining
> to him, and I doubt they are forwarding his email.

I think I tried to find it there a few years back, but it was not online.

> However, another search does turn up:
> Oliver Collins, who now lives in Key West, Florida, ...
> So maybe he'd be more than happy to talk about hard limiter design
> instead of his recent academic career..

I think we care more about his hard limiter design than his aleged 
explicit landscape photos...

> You could try ocollins at ieee.org, for instance.
> (IEEE AESS has support at ieeeaess.org for his email on the page talking
> about his Judith Resnik award. )

On the other hand, if he retired from the academic career he might have 
dropped his IEEE membership in the process.

IEEE seems not to be in a haste to get into the new world of free 
downloads for articles, when the rest of the world is moving there.


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