[time-nuts] Austron 2201, Tbolt, HP 3801 comparison question

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Fri Apr 6 16:29:02 EDT 2012

there is a large unit-to-unit performance variation on these type of  
products, you may have a very good 10811 OCXO in the HP unit, and a so-so OCXO  
in the Thunderbolt.
This is normal, see Tom's measurements of different Z3801 units against  
each other, some are way better than others..
In a message dated 4/6/2012 13:25:52 Pacific Daylight Time,  
paulswedb at gmail.com writes:

Recently  I put a 2201 back into service with  a home brew down converter.
I am  a bit surprised that when I use it to measure the Tbolt and then the
HP  3801.
The 3801 comes out always better by a decade actually. Granted what I  am
seeing is way down below a e-12th and in fact what I am reading seems  nuts
to me.
But can a 3801 run that much better then the Tbolt?
I  kind of thought they would both be in the same  region.

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