[time-nuts] 1PPS correction

Rich and Marcia Putz rputz at bnin.net
Sat Apr 7 23:23:01 EDT 2012

Two thoughts;  First Thought,the clock in a Jupiter-T is 40Mhz, that's 4 times 10 Mhz last time I checked. Could not one of the Simple GPSDOs use the OCXO multiplied by 4 to become the receivers clock? Wouldn't that eliminate the hanging bridges?

Second thought, as I was reading recent threads about reverse engineering Smart Clock and other things I was recalling that I've heard we're all just six degrees of separation from anyone on earth ie. the dear leader of north Korea etc, yet no one of us can ever find anyone who worked on a T-Bolt or at Symmetricom or Efratom or FEI or......

Just thoughts;

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