[time-nuts] Road-trip and rubidium fiddles

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Mon Apr 9 12:55:07 EDT 2012

On Mon, 9 Apr 2012 18:40:47 +0200
Azelio Boriani <azelio.boriani at screen.it> wrote:

> >It is clear that the short term is limited by the instrument trigger
> jitter. A mixer pre->scaling is clearly needed.
> that is, a mixing to take down the 10MHz to a lower frequency? Mixing with
> a higher stability source?

He probably meant DMTD[1,2].

			Attila Kinali

[1] "Picosecond time difference measurement system", by D.W. Allan, 1975
[2] http://www.wriley.com/A%20Small%20DMTD%20System.pdf
Why does it take years to find the answers to
the questions one should have asked long ago?

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