[time-nuts] EF-5680A Breakout board

gonzo . cadbloke at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 12 04:09:21 EST 2012

Hi All,
like many on the list I picked up one of the current 
  batch of cheap EF-5608A's.
Not being clear where I would end up using it, I laid 
  out a breakout board to make it easy to play with on the bench, but with the 
  expectation that it would remain attached when I got around to mounting the Rb 
  in a box (or where ever).

In summary, I've used two VRegs: 
  LM1084Adj for 15V (pin compatible with LM317, but rated for 5A) and an 
  AMS1117-5 for the 5V.
- The regs can be fed individually or jumpered to run 
  the 1117 from 15V. This works, but both regs run fairly hot.
- 1PPS and LD 
  are brought out to individual headers.
- 10MHz has an SMA.
- RS232 is 
  given its own D9 wired for 2, 3, & 5 (TX, RX, Gnd) for a standard 

In the process of laying out the board, I discovered another 
  "undocumented feature" of this batch of '5680A. For reasons unknown, the D9 is 
  3.5mm (1/8") higher than shown on the data sheet. Normally this would not 
  matter, but I'd positioned the connector on the PCB maintaining the low 
  profile. Not a big deal, but irritating all the same.

Having read 
  several tales of woe resulting in blown components. I thought I'd offer my 
  spare boards in the hope of keeping the smoke where it belongs.
I've got 9 
  remaining PCBs and the last of the components should arrive in a week or 
The cost for a complete kit is aud$10 and $5 for DX postage. I have no 
  idea what level of interest (if any) there will be, but I can always order 
  more boards if there is a demand.

One thing to note is that this board 
  is designed for the current batch of FE-5680A with the following pinout:
  +15V (~1800mA cold: ~800mA hot)
2. Gnd
3. Rb Lock (lock = low)
4. +5V 
5. Gnd
6. 1PPS (high until Rb Lock goes low)
7. 10Mhz
9. RS232-TX

Please contact me off list if you are 

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