[time-nuts] FE-5680A Mechanical Question

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Thu Jan 12 06:42:53 EST 2012

I think we really need a FAQ, particularly for the 5680A. Maybe Didier 
would provide a place. (Or is it already there?)

How many times, just in the last month or so, have the same questions 
been thrashed over and over again?

- Pinouts - versions - reverse engineering wheel reinvention
- Voltages, currents
- They aren't rivets, they are screws. Someone just mentioned torx, but 
I think they were hex.
- Heat sink. (My consensus -- a heat sink makes sense for more than one 
- Enclosure, mounting, insulation.
- Programming and capabilities vs. age, configuration.
- Crypticness of FEI docs and part numbers. Unresponsiveness from FEI to 
- PPS or not. Width, terminations, levels, ringing.
- Rubidium tube life, restoration.
- What is that other oscillator for?

- Performance measurements or questions. Some things are known. 
Refinements beyond that are on topic.

Then the truly wasted space. I got mine, I got mine, I got mine, I used 
this power supply. How long does a shipment from China take?
I know some of you are newly excited but this is getting really painful. 
I hate to just delete them all because occasionally one or a few people 
really do add some new knowledge or insights. I have learned new things 
in that last several weeks, But recently, I have had to slash and burn 
quite a few messages for time and sanity reasons.

I have been watching these 5680A bursts happen for several years, but 
this latest one is particularly intense because questions get asked and 
answered, but no one seems to read all of them or remember the answers, 
so the same exact questions, answers and debates begin again in days.

There are so many posts now that searching the archives on this would 
require a semester or so to filter out a probably somewhat trustworthy 

On 1/11/2012 6:22 PM, J. L. Trantham wrote:
> Should I ever have time to pursue the Rb unit, what happens when I 'drill
> out' all the rivets that mount the unit to the PCB that it arrived on?  Any
> reason to keep it on the PCB?
> Does the bottom cover come off?  Will I need to replace the rivets with
> something else to keep the bottom cover on?
> Thanks in advance.
> Joe
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