[time-nuts] FE-5680A Mechanical Question

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I have been following discussions on the list about a GPSDRbO for a year or
so.  Some interesting challenges and probably best implemented in a 'stable'
environment rather than portable operation but as best I can tell, it would
require a very stable and good antenna location, stable and clean power, and
I was thinking of using something like an LPRO-101 with an Ext C Field
input, a Shera type controller, and a GPS timing receiver, though, I suspect
there are likely to be some 'multi-tasking' receivers out there that will
look at several sources including GPS, GLOSNASS, etc.

While the project might be fun, for portable work, it is likely far easier
and probably just as good (almost), to use a Tbolt.

In any event, something to think about for the future.


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How would a GPSDRbO work?  Phase lock the DDS output to the GPS? Phase lock
a VCXO to the GPS and then phase lock to the RbO on loss of GPS lock?

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>Bill, Brian, Bill, and Peter,
>Thanks for the info.  All I need now is a 'project' to incorporate the 
>unit into.
>In the back of my mind, I have the thought of a 'box' that will be 
>battery powered or 110 VAC powered (perhaps with an internal SLA 
>battery) and include a GPSDO and Rb unit (possibly a GPSDRbO) for the 
>purpose of a 'reference' for portable operation in the microwave 

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