[time-nuts] FE-5680A Mechanical Question

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Bringing out the C field in my estimation does not effect long or short  
term. External magnetic field I think is a joke. An other option is a loop 
that  generates a tuning word for the DDS but that means your steps are 7 E-13.
Bert Kehren
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I was  more interested in the technical details of how to adjust the
output of a  RbO without sacrificing the short and long term stability.
I have seen a  few designs that used a DDS to generate the 10 MHz
output which lends  itself to this but they all suffer from DDS and
tuning noise.  I see  now that the RbO can be adjusted with an external
magnetic field.

On  Thu, 12 Jan 2012 07:34:44 -0600, "J. L. Trantham"  <jltran at att.net>

>I have been  following discussions on the list about a GPSDRbO for a year  
>so.  Some interesting challenges and probably best implemented  in a 
>environment rather than portable operation but as best I  can tell, it 
>require a very stable and good antenna location,  stable and clean power, 
>I was thinking of using something like an  LPRO-101 with an Ext C Field
>input, a Shera type controller, and a GPS  timing receiver, though, I 
>there are likely to be some  'multi-tasking' receivers out there that will
>look at several sources  including GPS, GLOSNASS, etc.
>While the project might be fun,  for portable work, it is likely far easier
>and probably just as good  (almost), to use a Tbolt.
>In any event, something to think  about for the future.
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>How would a GPSDRbO work?  Phase lock the  DDS output to the GPS? Phase 
>a VCXO to the GPS and then phase lock  to the RbO on loss of GPS lock?
>On Wed, 11 Jan 2012 22:55:58  -0600, "J. L. Trantham"  <jltran at att.net>
>>Bill, Brian, Bill, and  Peter,
>>Thanks for the info.  All I need now is a  'project' to incorporate the 
>>unit into.
>>In  the back of my mind, I have the thought of a 'box' that will be  
>>battery powered or 110 VAC powered (perhaps with an internal SLA  
>>battery) and include a GPSDO and Rb unit (possibly a GPSDRbO) for  the 
>>purpose of a 'reference' for portable operation in the  microwave  
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