[time-nuts] OT: Need datasheets on photomultiplier tubes

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Thu Jan 12 12:01:53 EST 2012

Sounds like they are set up for pulse counting, witrh the last few dynodes
bypasses by caps.



> Thanks for all the help guys. I have enough info now to utilize any
> of these PMTs. The "/SQ" and "/SN1" suffixes apparently are custom
> connection versions of the basic parts. These have small circuit
> boards soldered to leads that are welded to the tube pins, to adapt
> for hookup with in-line square pin connectors. All I have to do is
> figure out which square pin goes to which tube pin - easy since it's
> wide open. There are a few SMT resistors and bypass caps that appear
> to be preset bias for some part of the dynode string, a high voltage
> bypass cap, and an anode termination and SMB connector for the output
> - again, all simple stuff that's easy to figure out or modify.
> I know what you mean by trying to decipher the addresses for
> documents within websites - I have found that too sometimes - by
> guessing or deducing it's sometimes possible to find good info buried
> in obscure places.
> I have joined the Geiger group - very interesting stuff.
> Ed
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