[time-nuts] EF-5680A Breakout board

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Thu Jan 12 21:32:46 EST 2012

Hi Chris,
yes, you raise some fair points. The batchpcb option could work well for those in the USA, but DX postage may make it unattractive to the rest of us.
Your assumptions about the board are correct: Double sided, plated through, 2x solder masks, and 2x silk screens.
The dimentions are: 88mm x 22mm (the same as the end view of the FE-5680A).

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> On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 4:20 PM, gonzo . <cadbloke at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> > Hi Attila,
> > your most welcome to the original CAD files (you can then do any mods that suit your purpose).
> > The design was done using the free version of Eagle, so anyone can have a go.
> >
> > As for making it cheaper, your welcome to try.
> > I hope I'm covering my costs, but I'm certainly not making a profit.
> I think he was talking about shipping.  Sending one PCB from AU to US
> is not cost effective.  They can be shipped within the US for under
> $2.  So bundle a few up and have someone here reship them.   Less work
> for you too.  Maybe you can find one person in the US and one in
> Europe?
> I guess I can't say "someone should" and not offer.  darn.  But I
> guess I could stuff envelopes if it save enough shipping cost.
> What is the physical size of the PDB.  Two layers both with solder
> mask I assume?  I'll get a couple prices for you.  maybe can get price
> to $0.50 per square inch.  All depend on how many are made.
> One more option.  Upload your gerber files to Sparfun's new
> http://batchpcb.com.  You can then add your PCB to their "store" and
> then anyone can order a PCB.  They build then for $2.50 per square
> inch and manage the money and shipping for you.   You can sell them
> for $2.50 per square inch and make zero profit.
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> Chris Albertson
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