[time-nuts] FE-5680A Mechanical Question

Bob Smither smither at c-c-i.com
Thu Jan 12 21:54:34 EST 2012

J. L. Trantham wrote:
> Bob,
> You (and others) make a good point.  The stability of a good Rb may be such
> that, in a portable operation, if you are going to be there for less than 2
> weeks, why bother with the GPSDRbO option.  Turn it on, adjust it to your
> GPSDO at home, turn it off, take it to the site, turn it on, use it, turn it
> off, bring it back home, turn it on and compare it to your GPSDO.

This might work if all you are concerned with is the 10MHz.  If the 1PPS from
the Rb is to be used, it will come up at some random phase after the unit is
powered off and back on.

I have not done the power off - restart test to see how close the 10MHz
recovers.  Not sure I have anything that could measure it.  Maybe it is time to
order a 2nd Rb :-).

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