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Hi Chris, 
I've certainly used Futurlec for parts, but not for boards.
Currently I'm getting boards made by <iteadstudio.com>. Their current price is under $3 per board based on an order of ten.

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> On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 6:32 PM, gonzo . <cadbloke at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> > Hi Chris,
> > yes, you raise some fair points. The batchpcb option could work well for those in the USA, but DX postage may make it unattractive to the rest of us.
> Sorry I hade not read the fine print.    I sounded good.  My scuba
> dive club decided to put club logo teeshirts, mugs and the like on
> Cafe Press and sell at $1 over cost with the profit donated at year
> end.  That meant no one had to do anything, no taking orders or
> collecting money.   Then I found that Sparkfun was setting up about
> the same thing but for PCBs
> > Your assumptions about the board are correct: Double sided, plated through, 2x solder masks, and 2x silk screens.
> > The dimentions are: 88mm x 22mm (the same as the end view of the FE-5680A).
> futerlec can build 20 of the above PCBs for US$99, that's $5 each.
> plus shipping.  And all 20 have to ship to the same address.
> Futurlec is an Australian company but mostly run in Thailand they have
> offices in US, AU, UK and asia.   They can also stuff the boards and
> supply parts.     They are my #1 parts source but have limited range
> so I have to go to the other places for the more rare items.   Just
> for curiosity I got a price for 10,000 boards.  It drops to $1.56
> each.   $2.16 for 100.   But I'd bet 20 is the upper limit.
> I have no idea how that compares to your cost.
> >
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