[time-nuts] FE-5650A Option CPOM Information

Rich (Buckeye) kq6ef at bex.net
Fri Jan 13 20:41:21 EST 2012

Looking for FE-5650A Rubidium Frequency Standard Information.

I have obtained a FE-5650A unit that came out a piece of equipment made 
for Lucent, which I think is telco equipment. RFS Part # FE-5650A UN 
62832, S/N 0404-71672 Option 5650A OPTION CPOM. The options do not match 
with anything I have been able to find. The unit requires +15V and +5Vdc 
on pin 4. It puts out a nice 3V pp wave form at very close to 15Mhz. I 
hope I can set unit up to put out 15.1Mhz threw a doubler to get 30.2Mhz 
for use with my IC-910 Radio.

Anyone have any good/bad experience with this unit.

I have been referred to the the following web page to try and program 
this unit over the RS-232 interface, this manual seems to apply to the 
FE-5680A series. I need to come up with a Serial TTL to RS232 converter 
as I can not see anything coming out of pin 9 with my scope and the unit 
does not have a Max232 chip that I can see..

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