[time-nuts] New unit of time measurement

ehydra ehydra at arcor.de
Sun Jan 15 21:38:59 EST 2012

In Germany hand-used phones during drive are banned for several years 
now. I think it makes sense. Well, humanoids should think on it DIY but 
the reality is another.

In China I've seen down-counting LED displays for the red sign. But this 
is just to simple for Europe. Badly.

- Henry

Mark J. Blair schrieb:
> Article states: "Upon arriving at a red light, drivers apply the brakes, pick up their mobile devices, and begin reading and sending e-mails. The signal to resume driving comes not from the green light but from some motorist in the back tapping politely on the horn."
> This is why I begin honking immediately after stopping. It removes the latency, which can otherwise be annoying at a light with a short green cycle. :-)


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