[time-nuts] ATT WP 92066-L5 (RB)

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Those were used in the old analog cellular base stations.  The DB25 with the  
combo RF connector were a real odd ball, hard to find and expensive.  Those  
units ran off 24 VDC.  Sorry, I don't have the pin out but it should be  
fairly easy to trace out.  They have a FRS Rb in them.  These were used  
prior to CDMA so they had no need to have GPS or any other external  
correction source.  I hope the FRS has good life left in for you.
73's, Doug K4CLE

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All this talk of the $38 RB from China got me to dig out a RB source
I pick up a while ago.

It's a WP 92066-L5 made by Ball Efratem for ATT.
It also has a model sticker on the rear,  ATT CC 406801969.
It has a single 25 Pin + coax Mini D type connector on the rear panel.

Anyone know the pin out ?  

When I first got it I searched the web and couldn't find aything,
other than someone else asking the same question.

73 Steve F

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