[time-nuts] ATT WP 92066-L5 (RB)

John Allen john at pcsupportsolutions.com
Sun Jan 15 23:24:45 EST 2012

Hi Steve - I have the whole shelf, called the
Lucent ED2R849-31 Rubidium Frequency Generator Shelf

Manufactured by Efratom for Lucent

The Rb's are FRS-C's by Efratom 



e/w - 1 x WP92066 L5 - Rubidium (RB) (I have 2x)

1 x WP92066 L6  (XO) I have none

It was used as a Cell Site Frequency Standard, runs on 24V.

A Pic of the shelf is attached.  NOT - see below.

If I find pinouts I will post them.  The FRS assembly pinouts are in the NOT
attached spec.
Post was too large, will send direct.

The FRS spec is out there on the web.  (I can email)

John Allen K1AE

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All this talk of the $38 RB from China got me to dig out a RB source
I pick up a while ago.

It's a WP 92066-L5 made by Ball Efratem for ATT.
It also has a model sticker on the rear,  ATT CC 406801969.
It has a single 25 Pin + coax Mini D type connector on the rear panel.

Anyone know the pin out ?  

When I first got it I searched the web and couldn't find aything,
other than someone else asking the same question.

73 Steve F

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