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I like the ped-countdown displays here (San Jose, US) because I can better judge if I'll need to stop or not when approaching an intersection. I've noticed the drivers getting worse and worse about following basic laws like stopping at red lights. Rush hour only makes things worse- at the freeway on ramp intersection near where I work, an average of 5 cars go through the intersection after the light turns green for the other direction. To be fair, I've done the same when I am carrying something delicate and mis-judged the light, but these people just want to get home faster- I've often wished we could shoot offending cars with indelible paint balls... and the CHP could write tickets when you had enough hits on your car... Worst offenders? BMW and Audi drivers... 

I can dream... 

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>> In China I've seen down-counting LED displays for the red sign. But this 
>> is just to simple for Europe. Badly. 
>I've certainly seen countdown display for pedestrians in several European 

They are not used for cars here in Denmark because a certain testosterone 
driven segment of drivers think they are in pole-position when they see 
a count-down. 

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