[time-nuts] Odd pulses on 1PPS output- 5680A

d.seiter at comcast.net d.seiter at comcast.net
Mon Jan 16 04:53:26 EST 2012

Finally got a chance to play with my 5680A, and was happy to see that it locks in about 45 seconds from cold. The messy 10Mhz output is about 80mVpp, but the weird thing is the output on pin 6 (1PPS). The output is a 20 microsecond, 1.8Vpp, square wave that is clean on top, but rings like crazy on the bottom. When zoomed in on, the 10Mhz signal can be seen as noise on this output. My PS output is clean and the 5v is being provided by an inline 7805 (with caps). The onboard switcher section is not populated, so I'm at a loss as to where the signal is coming from. 


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