[time-nuts] New unit of time measurement

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 16 10:19:46 EST 2012

On 1/16/12 6:47 AM, Timeok wrote:
> please, before write look in your home than respect other people.
> thanks
> Luciano

Luciano's point is well taken.  Every place has it's idiosyncratic 
driving things.  Some are more different than others.  I found Rome to 
be fairly well disciplined for a big city. I'd sooner step off the curb 
into the road reading a paper and not looking in Rome than New York, 
that's for sure.

I think there is a general trend that warmer countries have wilder 
driving just because there's more opportunity for driving and more cars 
(because they last longer?).  And to a certain extent, more driving 
leads to a familiarity with local customs, which may diverge from one's 
home area.

I drive in Los Angeles, and it's nothing here to be in tightly packed 75 
mi/hr (120 km/hr) platoons zooming about merging and splitting in 4 way 
interchanges, but we have relatively little of the 5 lanes squeezing 
down to 2 like you find in the US NorthEast (Boston, I'm looking at 
you). So people from back east find winding through the mountains at 65 
mi/hr a bit trying, but have no problem in downtown LA.

The other thing is signage. Everybody does their signs a bit differently 
(even in the US), so your plan-ahead navigation tends to get screwed up, 
even if the immediate vehicle management is ok.  That tends to make 
driving in a foreign country a bit more exciting.

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