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The intel 64 bit CPUs used the AMD64 instruction set. 

Note there are more instructions in the 64bit architecture, so some programs are more efficient under a 64 bit OS. 
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On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 8:17 AM, Chris Albertson
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> Can't you build the reference version 64 bit?    Have you tried.
> That said, I don't see why you'd need a 64-bit version.  NTP is never
> going to use so much RAM that you need the wider address space.

I don't either - for user mode code running on the x64 (aka amd64)
architecture anyway.  My experience is that 64bit cpu intensive code that
doesn't need the wider address space is slower than the equivalent 32bit
code.  This is especially true if the code does a lot of memory management
- and if you are using C++ and std and/or boost libraries, there is a lot
of memory management going on behind the scenes.  Plain C wouldn't be so
bad.  WOW on x64 has a thin shim layer to interface to OS calls, which may
be significant if you make a lot of OS calls, but again, I've not noticed
it when profiling my software.

If the CPU is other than x64 architecture, then 32bit code is emulated and
for sure, you want a 64bit native version.

If a kernel device driver is involved, then of course, there is no choice
but to use a 64bit version of the driver.  Still no need for 64bit user
mode code though.

Personally, I run 64bit 2008 Server at work and 32bit Windows 7 at home.
Other than having to develop 64bit versions and drivers, I wouldn't chose
to run 64bit Windows unless I had an application that really needed the
extra address space.

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