[time-nuts] River monitor update

Rich and Marcia Putz rputz at bnin.net
Tue Jan 17 18:34:29 EST 2012

Hi all;

I had the opportunity to drive by the Elkharrt River monitor in Goshen IN and observed this upon getting out of my car, the diamond plate equipment shelter, the crossed yagis, and solar panel. There was a GPS antenna but it was not a timing antenna in the sense of how we nutters typically think of timing antennas. On the back side of the yagi mast was u-clamped a piece of angle iron with what appeared to be a magnetic vehicle roof top GPS antenna of a few years back. It had a cable tie with electrical tape around it, the whole thing looked like an after thought. I would imagine then that at least time-stamping is occuring or maybe queueing. I would think that the close proximity of the antennas and the third harmonic of the up-link frequency would fall close to the GPS band. Next chance I get I'll check the monitor in Elkhart to see if it set the same.


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