[time-nuts] 15 volt power supply for FE-5680A on eBay

Paul F. Sehorne paul at sehorne.org
Wed Jan 18 18:05:46 EST 2012

How important is the 15vdc at the initial startup 2amp, and then how 
important at the .7 amp settled rate?

I just received two of these

Unloaded voltage is ~15.5vdc.  At 700 ma voltage drops to 14.3 volts and 
with 2 amp load drops to 13.3 volts with a 2 amp load (and to 10 volts 
with a 5 amp load).  Supposedly rated at 6 amps.  I have only checked 
one, have not broken the packaging on the second one assuming its 
performance will be similar.

Will this be a problem?


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