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Thu Jan 19 06:19:19 EST 2012

MV89 may not be the best, I have better, but specs say 2 E-12 for 1 second  
and tests have shown they consistently brake the 1 E-12 barrier at 1 
second. The  reason I mention it is it's cost. With unlimited funds many things 
are possible  but my challenge is lowest cost. That is why I started this 
probably longest  discussion when I pointed out the ridiculously low price of 
the FE  5680A.
The MV89 fits in the same category. It's price / performance is  
Right now work is on hold because I will not touch the unit on aging test,  
but a second one is on order. I have the tendency to squeeze 10 pounds of 
shxx  in a one pound box and this time not different. I have selected the 
enclosure  and have designed the thermal portion, goal is in stage one to 
combine a MV89  with an analog filter with the 5680 and match through AV 
measurements.  Second stage is combining the unit with a Shera controller to a GPS. 
I plan on  documenting the steps and share with the list. It will be a slow 
process since  metal work is involved.
Bert Kehren
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On Tue,  Jan 17, 2012 at 8:13 AM,  <EWKehren at aol.com> wrote:
> After  eight weeks of monitoring to 1 E-12, I still se no aging. Waiting 
>  a change so I can do other tests. One thing I clearly se is a 4 Hz  
> response changing the output by +- 3 E-11. It may be more, will  have to
> find a  way to check it more accurately, because of  limited response 
time. I
> for one  will fix that problem with a  Morion MV 89 and a 100 Hz analog 
> New  Morion's are  available for less than $ 30 the ones I bought seem 
> That's  also where I got my 5680A

Is the MV89 the best OCXO to use as a  reference?   I notice there is a
place selling them for $19.99  buy it now price otis the $30 deal

I want to get setup for  frequency stability measurements.  I have a
t-bolt but being  conservative (when it comes to engineering) I'd like
a second non-related  standard and a good ocxo should work for that
over medium term tau. (I  think)I don't know how the various $20 to $30
OCXOs compare. And I don't  yet have means to compare them.

Chris Albertson
Redondo  Beach,  California

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