[time-nuts] ISA bus computers for auction GPIB hackers

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Thu Jan 19 12:45:15 EST 2012

The twists of fate have left me with four IBM 365 desktop computers
from about 1998. Each has a 200 MHz Pentium Pro, 128 MB of 32 bit
memory, new (in 2003) 10 GB disk (bios limited to 8455 MB) with Win
98SE and fixes, floppy drive and slow CD-Rom drive. All of them work.

The IBM design uses an LPX motherboard with a vertical backplane for
the card slots. There are 4 ISA slots and 3 PCI slots, but it's ISA
or PCI for a total of four cards. Each comes with a SVGA video card,
sound card, and a 10 Mb/s Ethernet card. The motherboard has one each
serial and parallel port, and a USB 1.0 port.

Power consumption is a mere 65 watts. I was going to use them for
GPIB for Racal-Dana 199x counters, but never got around to assembling
everything. Now it's time to shed the equipment collection to be able
to move to smaller quarters, as time takes its toll on the body.

Any or all of them are available for pickup at 55438 near Minneapolis,
Minnesota. For shipping I will use a service to pack and ship, which
will be reasonable but not cheap. I need to know by Jan 24, before
they join the rest of the stuff in a storage locker on a junk truck.

Bill Hawkins

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