[time-nuts] FE-5680A worked for only 5 minutes.

Paul F. Sehorne paul at sehorne.org
Thu Jan 19 14:15:10 EST 2012

I received my two FE-5680As late yesterday. This morning I hooked one of 
them up. It locked on in a couple of minutes and at about five minutes 
quick working. There is a smell of something burnt inside. I have not 
opened the case to investigate the damage.

I had the unit attached to two current limited bench power supplies. One 
power supply was set at +16.1 vdc and the other at +5.0 vdc. When the 
trace on the scope went away I noticed the +15 vdc power supply had gone 
into current limit mode at 2 amps. The +5 vdc current had dropped from 
~80ma to about ~60. Before the failure the +15 vdc supply showed ~1.8 
amp during the first minute or two and then dropped to ~700 ma.

While it was working it worked fine and was very near my GPSDO in 
frequency.  The scope trace was moving 5ns in about 20 seconds.  I got 
no further than this when the unit stopped working.  I have not powered 
up the second unit yet; preferring instead to contact nichegeek first.


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