[time-nuts] Leap Second decision postponed

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Thanks, glad you have such good records.  Maybe they are waiting until Jan.  
28 to start transmitting it this time.  I wonder what the magic formula is  
as to when they start ?

Some had asked how I am able to view the data stream?  I have a homemade  
receiver that's set up where I can record the raw data.  Since the previous  
event, I wrote some software that will notify me when there is a pending  
leap second and I need them to start transmitting it where I can verify my  
software is working correctly!

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> Last time I checked (first of this week) subframe 4 of page 18 in the data
> stream from the GPS satellites, they are not indicating there is a pending
> leap second.  Last time there was a leapsecond (couple years ago), I think
> the GPS SV's were anouncing a pending leapsecond about 6 months in  
>   Wonder when they will start sending it on GPS?  

I just checked and my Z3801A isn't seeing it yet.

Last time, it started getting announced on July 28.

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