[time-nuts] Toys for time-nuts in old-folks home

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Jan 19 21:53:35 EST 2012

>> The cure for time-nuttery is to get old, and realize that your 
>> collection of equipment will prevent you from being able to
>> move  to assisted living.  

> You mean you can't take it with you?!  It will (hopefully) be a long time
> before I get to that point, because it sounds boring already.  

Suppose you are moving into an old folks home where you have limited space.

What toys would you take with you?  How would you decide?

My mom is in a 1 bedroom apartment in an old-folks complex.  Aside from the 
bedroom and such, it's got a main living room and a smaller den type room.  
Her PC is in the den closet which is 4-6 ?? feet wide and 2-3 feet deep.

Let's assume you are willing to devote a whole large closet to time-nuttery.  
Maybe that space has to include your PC and modem and printer and ... toolbox 
and parts ...

Option 2 would be to allocate the whole den.  Well, maybe you need to save 
room for a couch and TV.


How much space would you need in your bookcase?  I like hardcopy, but I think 
that's more important when I'm doing detailed design.  If I'm chasing a 
glitch (hardware or software) I think I could get along with a web browser.  
That probably assumes a big-enough local disk to save a copy of anything I 
decide is interesting.


A while ago, I saw a note on some electronics discussion context about 
somebody being happy as long as he had a soldering iron and 
something-or-other.  I don't use a soldering iron very often, but when I do 
it's the sort of thing that's hard to buy off of ebay.

It might be possible to store the soldering iron and parts under the bed, 
planning to only pull them out when needed.

Another possibility would be to find some place in the local area to donate 
your soldering iron and parts and such with the hopes that you can use them 
when needed.  Maybe a friend, or club, or ...

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