[time-nuts] mixers for frequency measurement

ehydra ehydra at arcor.de
Thu Jan 19 23:03:24 EST 2012

Magnus Danielson schrieb:
> On 01/19/2012 09:31 PM, Don Latham wrote:
>> Oh dear I had the wrong idea. Thought PIN's were designed for switching.
>> There is a breed of "ultra-fast" diode for protection in MOSFET
>> switching circuits like h-bridges. Any better?

Interesting idea! If it works, it is new as I didn't found something 
with Google:
"UPSC200" spice mixer

> I'll replace the PIN diodes in our optical receivers at work, obviously 
> they can't handle the gigabits we pass through them.

LTspice have a model for the "UPSC600".

- Henry


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