[time-nuts] T'bolt antenna lead-in running near HF RF transmitting coax

David VanHorn D.VanHorn at elec-solutions.com
Fri Jan 20 13:40:23 EST 2012

Assuming the coax isn't "tandy" brand, and that you don't have RF current on the outside of the shield, it shouldn't be any issue at all.

Otherwise it comes down to how much out of band junk the GPS can stand, what its shield efficiency is, and how much RF is present there to leak in.

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Can I run the coax feed-in from a Symmetricom 58532A GPS antenna
(feeding my T'Bolt) adjacent to coax which is carrying HF RF of 500
watts?  I have a 1.5"  hole through an outside wall in my house
through which my HF ham antenna coax passes (LMR400 coax).  Can I
safely run the GPS antenna coax through the same hole which would put
the coax parallel with and touching the other coax for about 8
inches.  If not, how much separation would be advisable?  Many
thanks.  Jim Robbins N1JR

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